Our Job Seekers are waiting for you!

Nearly 100 job seekers created their profile on jobimmersion.ca in a week!

Our team is pleased to announce that the job seekers’ directory on our brand new jobimmersion.ca website already counts close to 100 candidates. Many of them have already completed their profile and are just waiting for the ideal job offer to submit their application. Add yours now!

How can I do so? Nothing is easier to do.

  1. Complete your profile. – Job Seekers want to know more about employers before they submit their resume. Most importantly, they want to know: your location, how many schools are part of your school board, the benefits of being part of your team (stimulating work environment, development opportunities, dynamic community). Therefore, present who you are and complete your Employer profile as soon as possible by accessing your dashboard!
  2. Post job offers. – Now that your Employer profile is complete, add job postings. You will be able to choose to receive applications from our platform or directly from the site where the jobs are listed (your website or a platform such as Apply to Education). Simply provide the url and our system will redirect candidates to that address.

Did you know ?

ACPI offers a career launch program for new French immersion teachers: Reach for the Stars. Your job offer could be eligible for recognition by our program and benefit from a variety of advantages to facilitate the integration of new teachers (mentoring, pedagogical coaching, A+ membership to ACPI, exclusive pedagogical tools, etc.). All of which will facilitate the entry of new teachers into the profession! We will be contacting employers with job postings on the site to offer them the opportunity to qualify their offers for this unique ACPI program.

The Great Tour is coming up

Be sure to watch out for our Great Tour, which will leave British Columbia and travel across the country next September. We could organize pre-interviews for you in each city we will visit! This benefit is included in the La Totale package!


Need help creating your account or completing your profile? Write to us or chat live with a member of our team via Live Chat (green bubble at the bottom left of the site). Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be happy to guide you. We are here for you!

Nadine Dupuis
Coordinator - ACPI's Immersion Teacher Recruitment Strategy