Registration opens for the Career Launch Program!

If you are selected for the Career Launch Program offered by ACPI, you could obtain a $2,000 grant plus amazing benefits worth $3,000 that will propel your career! 

The Reach for the Stars Career Launch Program is now open for applications. This brand new program created by the Canadian Association of Immersion Professionals (ACPI) and designed to help teachers develop their career in French immersion Programs, is open to you if:

  • you have just graduated from a university program in education, or a related field, and you have just been hired as an French Immersion teacher.
  • or, you already are a teacher but have never worked in a French immersion program and you have just been hired as an French Immersion teacher for the first time.

If you are selected, here’s what the Reach for the Stars program will do for you:

  • A mobility grant of up to $2000 (to take advantage of the mobility grant, the job must be located more than 200 km from your residence.)
  • Personalized professional learning  with one of ACPI’s immersive pedagogy experts
  • A mentoring program with experienced teachers and a sponsorship if needed
  • A toolkit of educational activities developed specifically for French Immersion
  • Access to exclusive virtual training sessions
  • An annual A+ subscription from ACPI
  • Access to ACPI’s National Conference

Are you ready for this great opportunity? Submit your application in four easy steps.

  1. Complete the application form.
  2. Add a text in which you explain your motivations.
  3. Upload a copy of your employment contract for 2021-2022 of a minimum of 10 months signed by the employer.
  4. Upload proof that this is your first job as a French immersion teacher.
Nadine Dupuis
Coordinator - ACPI's Immersion Teacher Recruitment Strategy