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What does the “career section” of your website say?

Kara Bowles
After a 25-year career in education, Kara now works as a consultant, facilitating webinars for leaders across Canada on behalf of ACPI, OMLTA, the Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium and the Ontario Principal Council, among others.

“When asked in a follow-up question which of the platforms was the most useful, 51% of respondents cited school board district websites.”

ACCESSING OPPORTUNITY, Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages. February 2019

If your board is currently hiring French teachers, the career section of the board website should make this clear.

  • How long does it take for a prospective French teacher to find out about French career opportunities at your board?
  • How many clicks did it take?
  • Is it written in English and French?
  • Does it discuss the support that exists for French teachers at your board?

Take a critical look at this crucial area of your website.