Expert advice

LinkedIn: essential recruitment network!

Marie-France Gaumont
Consultant and employee experience expert

“78% of people under 34 use LinkedIn for their job search.” – Survey Monkey and The Ladders, 2019

LinkedIn is the leading professional social network in the world. Make sure your LinkedIn page is well written and showcases your business. Consider a Recruiter page. Reach out to potential candidates directly. Use messaging to make initial contact. Consider paid (sponsored) advertising to enhance your candidate search. Ideal for recruiting anywhere in the world. 

Instagram is also a good choice given that 71% of Instagram’s monthly active users are under the age of 35 (Hootsuite Study, 2019). Strategies include image and video contests, sharing stories about your company’s culture and current employees’ rewarding experiences, use of hashtags, engagement through systematic responses and influencer likes and content sharing. Consider paid (sponsored) advertising to enhance your candidate search. 

Lastly, consider using Snapchat to capture the attention of a digitally tethered younger generation. Seventy-one percent of Snapchat users are under 25 years old. Post job offers via the Stories feature that reflect your company’s core values and work environment, given that these are the main reasons why young graduates quit their jobs. Have candidates submit (“pitch”) their application in a 10-second story.