Expert advice

Interview questions that come up time and again…and again!

Marline Al Koura (She/Her/Elle)
Principal at St Patrick's High School

You’ve landed the interview for your dream job and have prepared as best as you can! You are excited! You are happy! You are nervous! You might be over-thinking how you will answer the questions or perhaps you are worried that you will experience the dreaded “brain block”. How do you proceed? Here are a few tips to help you get through the interview.

In a typical teaching job interview, you may encounter questions about the following topics:

  • Classroom discipline (behaviours, lates, absences…)
  • Assessment and evaluation practices
  • Communication with parents
  • Supporting students with learning difficulties or special needs
  • Ensuring Equity for all students
  • Adaptability to move from in-person to remote learning and vice versa
  • Teacher involvement in the life of the school

When answering these questions, make sure you show a logical sequence/process that you would implement. Also, familiarize yourself with the School Board/District Strategies and Goals as these will inform how you answer the questions. If you are interviewing out of district/board/region/province/country, ask if you can have notes present during the interview as reference and use the language the Board/District uses when referring to processes and procedures.