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Do French Immersion teachers know about the hiring process in your board?

Kara Bowles
After a 25-year career in education, Kara now works as a consultant, facilitating webinars for leaders across Canada on behalf of ACPI, OMLTA, the Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium and the Ontario Principal Council, among others.

“Research from Phase I clearly identifies board websites as the most commonly used tool as teachers look for jobs.”

Report of the FSL Ontario Market Partnership Project Phase II, 2019

A key apprehension for new French teacher candidates surrounds a lack of transparency of the hiring process. Key questions include:

  • Who can apply?
  • Is there an application deadline?
  • Is the type French program listed?
  • What platform do they use?
  • Is there a language proficiency test?

If your board is not up front about these processes, prospective new French teachers may look to those who are providing these details. Take the time to look at your website from the perspective of a new teacher applicant.