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Describe the language proficiency test to prospective new teachers!

Kara Bowles
After a 25-year career in education, Kara now works as a consultant, facilitating webinars for leaders across Canada on behalf of ACPI, OMLTA, the Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium and the Ontario Principal Council, among others.

“The language proficiency tests boards give is all over the map. In one board, they asked me one question in French; in another, the entire interview was in French.”

Report of the FSL Ontario Market Partnership Project, 2018

Many French teacher candidates question if their current level of proficiency is acceptable for the job they are applying for.

Understanding and communicating the components of the language proficiency test to potential French teaching candidates will help them prepare for this process. This will boost the confidence of prospective teachers and support discussion around language proficiency support at the board level.

With a critical eye, ask: “How is our board supporting ongoing language learning for new French teachers?” Respondents also asked for greater transparency about the application process.