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A few tips to handle issues that are specific to an immersion classroom – Part 2

Marline Al Koura
Principal at St Patrick's High School

When it comes to interviewing specifically for a French Immersion position, there will be the added angle of how you would handle issues that are specific to an immersion classroom. Here are a few things to consider when answering questions that directly relate to programming and delivering material in French Immersion.

  • As a FI teacher, you will teach the “whole” student. This means that you will use the curriculum as a vehicle to teach language skills, interpersonal skills, organizational skills etc. but most importantly you recognize that the mental health well-being of the learner is most important. This means, you will work collaboratively with parents, colleagues and administration to do what is best for the child.


  • You are a lifelong learner yourself; so whether you are pursuing professional courses or are embarking on enriching experiences to keep you immersed in the language and culture, be prepared to continue the personal learning and share this intention with your interviewer. Stay up to date on new resources as well as opportunities for your students (e.g. DELF testing, exchange programs, letter-writing programs…)


  • Consider your involvement in the life of the school. As an Immersion teacher, you want to showcase your students’ achievements and this is best achieved not only by displaying work in your classroom, but by building relationships and networking with colleagues so that your students have the same opportunities as other students. Even better, build partnerships where your classes work with other classes on a school-project to give back to the school or community.


The tips shared above are things to consider before the interview, but to highlight DURING the interview. Most interview teams are looking to hire someone who will not only deliver a strong program, but will become a positive member of a staff.