Fredericton, NB

Anglophone West School District

About us

Anglophone West School District is one of four Anglophone Districts and is the second largest school district in New Brunswick. It serves approximately 23,000 students in 69 schools and covers municipalities from Edmundston to Cambridge-Narrows, NB. ASD-W employs over 1600 teachers and approximately 3000 staff (teaching and non-teaching). The Office of the Superintendent is located in Fredericton, NB, and there are three education centers: Woodstock, Fredericton, and Oromocto supporting schools in those regions. ASD-W’s Mission statement is « Excited. Involved. Prepared. »

We have several education program options to support students learning French including Pre-Intensive, Intensive, Post-Intensive French instruction for English Prime Grades 4-10, French language and culture learning experiences for English Prime Grades K-3, as well as Early Entry and Late French Immersion. Please visit our website for more information at